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Yes It’s 2019, But There’s No Denying the Importance of Business Cards

In 2019, it may seem ridiculous to have business cards printed. They wear out, people lose them, and they’re old-fashioned. Yet, it’s unwise to downplay the importance of business cards when it comes to making connections.

It may be old-fashioned, but people still appreciate being handed a business card. They’re like souvenirs you give out to people when they first meet you. When someone looks at it, they’ll be able to put a face and a voice to your brand.

You can try as much as you want, but you’ll never be able to do that with a website. There’s nothing human about a digital presence, and business cards help remind people that there’s a person behind the work you do.

And that’s just the start of why you should invest in some business cards for yourself and your business.

Keep reading below to learn some other roles business cards can play to help boost your company and your career.

Make An Impressive First Impression

If there’s one thing that matters most in the business world, it’s the first impression you make. It’s how people learn whether they can trust you to handle their business.

It’s also how people gauge your ability to handle the work they need to be done.

People make snap judgments when doing business, which means you may only have one chance to make an impression at all.

With business cards, you can impress them more than you ever could with a website.

Business cards help you stand out from the crowd while maintaining an aura of sleek professionalism. BY giving someone a business card, you also show interest in working with them, which can influence their ultimate decision.

In-Person Connections Matter More Than Digital

Most business is done over the internet in today’s world.

Over 281 billion emails are sent per day and even though so many conversations are being exchanged, there’s something missing. The business world is lacking a human touch, and as a businessperson, you should recognize the opportunity that leaves.

You can impact people simply by engaging them in-person.

Business matters more to people when they can put a face on the people doing it. By carrying business cards, you give yourself the opportunity to give a uniquely human touch to your work by talking to people face-to-face.

Business cards act as invitations to start a conversation about business. And when that conversation is held face-to-face, people become more invested in it. They become more invested in you.

Professionalism Matters In B2B Marketing

Most people think that B2B marketing is exclusively handled digitally by exchanging datasets and revenue streams online. The marketing style is designed to be as inhuman as possible since businesses respond more to logic and profit than emotion. Yet, there’s room for people to add personal touches.

Sometimes, businesses prefer to meet B2B company representatives in person.

Yet, just because representatives may meet potential clients in-person doesn’t mean they can break the professional brand their company’s cultivated. Instead, they need to emphasize their professionalism.

Business cards help them do exactly that.

By offering their clients business cards, they demonstrate that their dedication to their trade and genuinely want their business. Representatives also show the respect they have for themselves when they give a client their business card; all of it speaks to their professionalism.

People Understand The Importance Of Business Cards

The average person isn’t unfamiliar with the concept of business cards.

In fact, most people will be impressed when they see someone’s business card. It shows that the person has risen to high enough point to where they’re known by important people.

And when people are impressed like that, they’re more likely to hire you for whatever they may need. Business cards are important because they boost your image with average people. They help turn the people around you into potential customers.

They Can Build A Local Brand

Business cards don’t spread as a social media post does; they usually don’t impact people further than your local community. That’s not a bad thing since businesses should always try to cultivate their local brands. Business cards help you connect with your local community and establish a brand within it.

With a strong local brand, you essentially guarantee yourself a customer base out of your own community. Connecting with your community also helps you play a closer role in people’s lives, giving a reputation as a local leader.

And the national and international business world respects leaders.

Cards Can Drive Traffic And Boost Marketing

Most marketing strategies employ swag bags and branded merchandise to drive traffic to a website. Most people think generating leads takes a multi-pronged approach with physical items playing a secondary role. Yet, that simply isn’t true.

Having physical items to complement your online marketing strategy actually helps boost results.

It naturally makes people more curious about your business when they can hold something in their hands from it. And luckily, business cards are designed to have all the contact information anyone could ever need to find you.

Business Cards Show You’re Committed, And Credible

Having a business card helps quickly build trust with potential clients.

Most people are naturally uncertain over whether they can trust a new person to do business with. They are rightfully wary of being scammed and will be anxious about losing any kind of investment they make with you.

By giving them a business card, you accomplish two things at once. First, you hand them all the contact information they could ever need to reach you. This implies you won’t disappear on them after you start working together.

Secondly, you show that you’re committed to what you do.

It tells people that you’ve invested in yourself and believe in your own ability to meet people’s needs. Scammers don’t do that, which makes people able to trust you easier.

Getting Business Cards Is Still Important in 2019

No one should underestimate the importance of business cards in people’s work lives.

They used to be the only way people had to make professional connections. Just because the internet has allowed people to create websites and portfolios doesn’t mean business cards lost that.

When you hand someone your business card, your establishing a stronger connection with them than a website ever can.

You’re committing to work with them, and showing that you trust them to handle your contact information well. Plus, business cards can boost your digital marketing by essentially acting as more meaningful branded merchandise.

Yet, there’s more to marketing than just printing some business cards. For all the rest of it, there’s us.

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