The Print Channel: Its Role in a Great Advertising Campaign

In a consumer-centric world, the digital age revolutionized how we tell our messages. With the widespread use of mobile and internet, it’s easy to see why digital is the future.

Mobile search ads alone can increase brand awareness by 46%. By this, you’ll think the print ad is a thing of the past.

Even then, an advertising campaign still needs robust printing ads. It’s not dead yet. Beyond that, it’s still as vital as it will ever be.

In this guide, we’ll talk about print ads and what its role in this digital age. From using a print survey to using print social tactics, we’ll show you how you can fit it in your ad campaign.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why Is A Print Ad Still Relevant

In many smaller businesses, it is a common practice to forego print advertising. This is for a reason as well.

With newspapers down by 10 million units in 2017, there’s an inevitable conclusion. It’s easy to see why a print social campaign is easy to forego.

Even then, printing your ads in the newspaper is still essential to advertising. Adding a print ad to your campaign provides concrete market effectiveness. This is true even now when social media is dominating the raw market reach numbers.

What The Studies Tell About Printing Advertisements

Studies show that adding the print channel to your digital advertising can increase your campaign’s market effectiveness. Not only does it boost some parts of your campaign, but rather printing improves it in entirety. The figures are so significant that the return on investment goes as much as triple the baseline.

The same study shows using print adverts like print survey can double the effectiveness of TV ads. Online advertising gains the most advantage from print, garnering a solid quadruple in market effectiveness.

Sector by sector, print advertising has a robust effect as well. The finance sector gets as much as 5.7 times the campaign effectiveness from print. The travel industry gets up to 3 times more effectiveness ads as well.

But what makes print social and print survey so effective? In this internet age, why is print advertising still relevant?

1. People Trust Print Survey

People trust printing advertisements more than using online ads. This comes from a deep-rooted fear of online ads as well.

In its early up until recent years, netizens saw ads as a nuisance. People are afraid of giving away their private data in online advertisement. Add this with fears about phishing and malware attempts, you’ll see how people will be apprehensive.

There’s an overabundance of fake online advertising, so consumers are unsure what may happen. With exceptions of social media and major search engines, online ads become questionable. Online advertising can also be intrusive to the experience.

A print ad is nothing of the sort. Many newspapers and magazines put specific sections for advertising. There’s a clear line between what is news and what is a print social.

2. Print Social Has Better Recall, Better Retention

If you’re printing effective ads, you will find that people have better retention for a print ad. People can recall a print survey from newspapers and magazines more than social media and website ads.


The problem comes with the very nature of the internet. When it comes to reading a web page, you have different competitors for attention. Most of the effective online ads use design principles that overwhelm the senses.

The very design of web pages gives you different options on what you can do. Social media has many different elements that give you choices so you never bore yourself. Search engines do the same as well.

When you have a newspaper or a magazine, the reading is slow and thoughtful. You don’t zip through content as you’re looking to understand information. At this state, you consume information better, so you remember it better.

Seeing a print social when you’re doing deliberate reading helps with retention. Neuroscientific studies show that ease of understanding, persuasiveness, and attention leads to better recall.

In a different study for the US Post Office, printing ads on paper give better results than digital. In an fMRI scan, you will see how physical content performs better in:

  • Review time
  • Emotional stimulation
  • Memory speed
  • Desirability
  • Valuation

Digital advertisements work. Ads like a print survey on paper, however, can help it perform better.

3. Print Ads Provide Impressions For Longer

A print ad will lose to digital marketing on the sheer scale of reach. No questions about it. Even then, print social advertisements last far longer and far more visible.

If you are an avid Facebook user, there will be times where you catch yourself scrolling to infinity. In these situations, you will see dozens of digital ads pass by. Even topnotch quality becomes white noise in a sea of information.

Unless you can do some magnificent social media advertising, it will be hard to get a good ROI.

When it comes to printing advertisements like print social and print survey, you will see it again and again. Because it’s a physical product, it passes hands. More people see it, so there are more impressions and a cumulative audience reach.

Print advertisers impose quality control for ads, to begin with, so you don’t get anything bad or janky as well. In the end, a print ad does its job until you put it in the recycle bin. Even if print ads changed over the years, the quality is still great.

Add Print Ad Channels To Your Advertising Campaign

When it comes to your advertising campaign, the print ad is still a powerful market channel. With better retention and higher trust, adding it to your current ad campaign works. It can improve your market effectiveness and do wonders for your return on investment.

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