SEO Or PPC, Which Is Better For Your Site?

If you do any type of online marketing or advertising then you’ve certainly heard, or maybe even used, the terms PPC and SEO. Some people mistakenly think the terms can be used interchangeably, but in fact, they mean very different things.

PPC stands for pay per click where SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. They do have one thing in common; both are designed to get as many people to view a website as possible by using keywords and phrases associated with a product. In the marketing world, more traffic means more sales which of course means more money for the seller.

PPC is a method that allows you to buy (rent, actually) keywords the customer is likely to associate with your product. When someone searches using your keywords – your site is returned in the ‘Sponsored’ section of the search results. The more you pay for the keywords, the higher on the page you are. When someone clicks through to the site, the account is charged.

PPC works very well for smaller or new companies who are competing with larger, established companies for market share. The downside is that it can be expensive and will typically ‘burn out’ in a relatively short period of time.

SEO, on the other hand, return results over a longer period of time. SEO incorporates keywords into text and search engines will return the site based on the relevance of the users search. The most relevant pages are returned at the top of the organic search results. It takes much longer for search engines to ‘learn’ about a new site – up to 3 months in some cases. Another drawback to SEO campaigns is the time and effort required to develop a successful campaign is much greater than with PPC.

The online advertising world is very big business and has become incredibly sophisticated, but then again, so is the consumer. Many in the business feel the consumer is becoming more aware of the sponsored ads that are returned and many just ignore this section. Others are convinced that being at the top of the results page is a bargain at any price, especially for new releases or short term ad campaigns.

The goal of any online marketing campaign, or any other marketing campaign, is to get noticed and move your product. If your site is consistently being returned on the third page of search results, well you don’t have to be an advertising genius to know that’s not good.

The method you use to get to the type of the page should be dictated by the situation. Both methods can get you to where you want to be and each has pros and cons. If you’re stuck deciding between the two or have any questions about online advertising, be sure to check out Mojo Media (, they have the answers you need.