Let's Get Visible! How PPC Advertising Helps Boost Your Website Traffic

Let’s Get Visible! How PPC Advertising Helps Boost Your Website Traffic

Only 45% of small businesses invest in PPC advertising. Is the lack of higher use of this strategy because it is not effective?

That’s a strong no.

PPC is a very effective strategy. Continue reading this article to learn the benefits of pay per click and how it can help your business.

PPC Advertising for the Win

Your business is your pride and joy, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to promote your business. While you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, you also don’t want to lose your shirt on a strategy that isn’t going to work for your business.

1. Faster Brand Recognition

If you wait around on SEO tactics to get your brand name in front of people, this strategy can take months. Yes, SEO is important and a great way to get in front of people that are searching for you, but if you want quick results, PPC is the better bet.

Waiting six months or more to start getting eyeballs on your brand isn’t the best way to grow your brand quickly. PPC will allow you to get in front of people within the first day and with consistency, your audience will start to recognize your brand.

2. More Trust for Your Brand

People love to purchase from people and companies they know, like and trust. Customers say trust is more important than price these days and part of building trust is becoming well-known to people.

When your potential customers see you advertising on a reputable ad network, this is a good sign for them. It makes them feel confident that their dollars are going to a legitimate company.

3. Target Your Exact Customers

While different PPC platforms will allow for different targeting options, in this post, we are focusing on Google AdWords. When you use Google AdWords, you can target keywords your audience searches for.

When you look at the keyword, they type, you can tell what part of the buying cycle they are in. Someone that is searching for “what is?” is in a different part of the buying cycle than someone saying for “how much does XYZ cost?”

When you create your ads, you need to think about how relevant your landing page is so your potential customers can connect and buy from you quickly. The more relevant your landing page is to the PPC keyword, the faster you’ll get results from your PPC campaign.

Learning how to target and how to convert leads to customers will allow you to get the most bang for your buck when you’re using PPC.

4. Level the Playing Field

No matter how large of a budget you have, you’re able to get in front of potential buyers.

PPC levels the playing field so you can start growing your market share. While television advertising, billboards and other types of traditional advertising might be out of your budget at this point, PPC is where you can start to win and recoup your costs in a reasonable amount of time.

5. Cost Effective

Whether you’re just getting started in your business or you’ve been in business for years, it’s always wise to pay attention to the ROI. While SEO can sometimes be difficult to monitor and check the exact ROI, it is much easier to tell if your PPC efforts are cost-effective.

Most businesses that use PPC correctly find PPC is a very cost-effective way to boost their business’ visibility and sales.

6. Great for Product Testing

Do you have a new product and you’re wondering if it is going to sell? You want to know as soon as possible. Waiting for SEO or your sales force to cold call takes too long, but with PPC, you can test quickly.

Put a couple of campaigns together to promote the product you want to introduce to the market. See which one performs the best, and if neither campaign is doing well, the market might be telling you something.

While PPC is just one means of testing to see if your product is going to do well in the market, it is a good way to get feedback early on.

7. Easy to Integrate with Other Digital Marketing Campaigns

PPC doesn’t have to work on its own. PPC can make friends with other parts of your digital marketing.

Let’s say you have the opportunity to get attention through an online award contest. Someone may have nominated you for an industry award. You could send traffic to the page to get votes or to show people that you’re a leader in the industry.

You can drive traffic to your application to get more downloads, funnel people to your Facebook page and more. With PPC, your creativity is the only limit it has.

When Is a Good Time to Use PPC?

You might not be sure if now is the right time for your business to use PPC. It is easy to get a little gun shy when you’re thinking about implementing a new strategy.

The best way to figure out if it is a good time to use PPC in your business is to look at your goal. If you can handle more business and you have money for advertising, then it is a good time to use PPC in your business. No matter how big or small your company is, if you generate business from PPC and make a profit from your investment, it makes sense to get started.

If you aren’t good with the technical side of things, you don’t have to run your own campaign. You can work with us to get the results that you need.

Get Results Now

PPC advertising allows you to get results now when other methods might take some time.

If you aren’t sure about how to move your marketing efforts forward online, you should look into PPC. Contact us today to let us help you increase your website traffic through PPC.