How to Use B2B SEO to Land on the First Page of Google

Customers can’t find you online? It’s time to fix your online visibility problem ASAP! Follow these quick B2B SEO tips to move up the ranks.

Is it possible to build a B2B SEO strategy that gets you on the first page of Google? If you have the right connections, then it is possible to use B2B SEO to get your website on the first page of Google SERPs. Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of a successful result.

In this article, it is assumed that you and another company are working together to help improve both of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can use business-to-business SEO with as many different companies as you like, but for the sake of this article, there is only one other business and it is referred to as “The other business.”

In addition, this article assumes you have a basic knowledge of SEO. If you do not, then here is the Google guide for beginners.

Link from Each Other’s Websites

Posting links from your websites to the other business should be in your B2B SEO strategy. The other business does the same thing for you.

If you are both smart, you may plan where your links will be coming from and where they will be going. It may not be a good idea to let the other business decide which pages are linked to because the other business may link to unpopular or less-relevant pages on your website.

Set Up Routine Social Media Sharing

You have a social media following and so does the other business. Every now and again, such as every month, you both agree to share links to each other’s website and social media profiles. Once per month, you both promote each other with your own social media profiles.

Some of your traffic is driven over to the other business and it is reciprocated as some of the other business’s traffic is driven over to you. As you know, traffic helps to grow your SEO organically because new people link to your website, tell their friends, follow you on social media, and so forth.

Partner Up With Offline Marketing

Do not stick to online content only. Offline marketing helps drive traffic. Remember that traffic helps your search engine grow organically.

Things such as sharing the costs of leaflet drops are all that is needed so long as you both put your website domains on the leaflets. Add QR codes with offers so that people land on your discount pages when they scan your QR code.

Reciprocally Like Each Other’s Social Media Content

This should go without saying when it comes to SEO for B2B, but for the record, have your staff “like” the other company’s social media posts. The other business does this back to you. It offers you a little social proof and may help your content rank higher on the social media search engines so that you get more overall social media traffic.

Use Each Other’s Material

If you and the other business are spending money making good content, then why not share the content to improve your B2B search engine optimization. It is especially handy if you share your content at different times.

For example, the other business may share an Infographic on Pinterest, and give the Infographic to you with the understanding that you will post it again, but in six months.

Using each other’s material on websites is not such a great idea, but it works well on many social media outlets. For example, some people have Instagram profiles that are made up completely of other people’s photos. In the Instagram post description, a link is offered to the profile of the original creator.

Share Big Data and Analytic Insights

There are a great many ways to promote your website for free in that both you and the other business can share. However, the most overlooked “free” resource you have is your own data and insights.

If you are drawing a lot of traffic, you can see where it is coming from, which pages are the most successful, which demographics are being attracted by which traffic-gathering methods. You can both share this information for the betterment of your own SEO marketing strategies. Both of you gain a better understanding thanks to sharing your big data and analytic insights.

For example, your data may show that Pinterest is mostly populated by women because they are the ones that respond mostly to your ads and posts. However, your competitors show slightly lower percentages of women engaging with their posts and ads. This may indicate that Pinterest isn’t as one-sided in gender terms; it may simply be that your posts are attracting higher-than-average numbers of women.

Share Your B2B SEO Secrets

Let’s say that you have started pulling some major traffic because you posted to a certain forum and they allowed you to place a backlink. You could tell the other business about this traffic-getting forum and the other business will tell you about the secret traffic sources they discover.

If both you and the other company are involved with online forums, then you could drop backlinks for each other.

For example, a forum may insist that you are a Level 10 member before you are able to post backlinks in your forum posts. You have worked your way up to level 10, so you can put in backlinks for your company, and for the other business. The other business could do the same thing for you with forums that it is engaged with.

Choosing Which Businesses to Work With

Do not be so quick to brush off working with your competitors. Your B2B SEO will work far better with those who are trying to attract the same target demographic as you.

However, since you may not like sharing data and insights with your competitors, maybe try business-to-business SEO with those who attract your demographic without taking your sales. For example, if you sell back-to-school clothing, you could partner up with children-guidance counselors and companies that sell back-to-school stationery.

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