How to Improve a Website: 10 Easy Fixes to Attracted More Clients

Are you looking for ways to increase the appeal of your company website?

A company website is crucial to any business currently in operation. Without an online presence, it’s unlikely customers will take your business seriously.

It’s safe to say that not all websites are created equal. The best websites are built well and appeal to customers. Poor quality websites, on the other hand, simply lack appeal and functionality.

The good news is that making your website more appealing to the public can be quite simple. If your website isn’t attracting people to your business, you may be in need of a website renovation.

Check out our guide on how to improve a website with 10 simple fixes. These improvements will help bring more traffic to your website, enhance customer experience and increase the level of professionalism associated with your business.

1. Readability

When it comes to the readability of your website, remember that less and more.

One of the biggest mistakes web developers make is incorporating too much copy onto the website. Too many words can intimidate the audience and make it difficult to read.

Remember, your website doesn’t have to display every single piece of information that is related to your business. Keep in mind that you want people to reach out to your company to learn more about what you offer.

Incorporate your wording in short, readable sentences and make use of bullet points.

2. Incorporating a Contemporary Design

A website that is attractive to the eye sets the tone for your business.

If your website appears out-of-date and old-fashioned, your audience will only assume that your business is anything but current. Instead, incorporate modern elements to your website such as limited copy, bright colors and high-quality graphics.

This will also help to attract a whole new audience to your website.

3. Easily Showcase Products and Services

Remember, one of the main purposes of your website is to sell an idea or product.

That being said, it’s crucial to display your products in a straightforward and simple manner. The last thing your audience wants to experience is confusion when shopping your products and then move to a similar website.

Display products with all information necessary so as to not keep your audience guessing and establish clarity.

4. Social Media Links

Having links to your company Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account gives your company the online presence that your audience craves.

Having an established and dependable social media presence is especially important nowadays. And, having these links clearly displayed on your website is sure to encourage your audience to follow your social media platforms.

For those active on Twitter, consider a live feed of your posts onto your website. This shows your clients that you are active and constantly developing.

5. Chat Bubbles and Chat Bots

A chat bubble or bot gives your website a presence even when you’re not currently on the site. In a way, this functions as a 24/7 service to your customers and gives the appearance that you are constantly available to the public for help or inquiries.

This usually comes in the form of a chat screen or bubble that appears to the user moments after visiting your website.

Companies such as Drift provide various chat bubble options that can be catered for different business models. These chat bubbles can even be personalized under individual names which makes the experience feel more personal for the user.

6. Display Contact Information

While straightforward, having your contact information clearly displayed on your website is vital. If you think to some of your most frustrating experiences on company websites, a lack of contact information is one of the most common complaints.

This should include phone numbers, email addresses, hours of operation and which members of your team are responsible for the different departments.

Visitors should be able to view your contact information from every site. Another beneficial idea is to incorporate a contact form on your website where customers can reach out to you directly.

7. Incorporate Video

If you’re really looking to give your website a modern facelift, try incorporating video onto your homepage.

The facts are simple: people love to watch video. In fact, 75 million people in the US watch video every day and these numbers are only continuing to grow.

While people often associate video with intimidation, it can actually be quite simple.

This can be in the form of highlighting some of your past work or a quick video outlining what your company is about and what they stand for. You can even display a video of your team or office environment.

8. Use High-Quality Graphics

Simply updating your graphics to something more contemporary and relatable to your audience can entirely change the overall vibe of your website.

Out-of-date photos are the first indicator that your business is not currently active or that your company website is neglected.

Better yet, continue to update your graphics from time-to-time. Make use of stock photo websites such as Pexels or Unsplash. These websites allow you to use their graphics both for free and without crossing any legal boundaries.

9. Reasonable Advertisements

This next step is simple yet one of the most effective changes you can make to your website: minimize your advertisements.

Sure, every website is interested in generating enough traffic that they become a platform for advertising. But, remember the reason that you are in the business in the first place.

That being said, if you are looking to make your website more attractive to your customers, tone down on not just the quantity of ads but also the quality. This means avoiding auto-play video ads, ads that limit the readability of the copy and ads that do not allow the user to opt out of.

It’s safe to say that your audience will thank you.

10. Incorporate a Blog

One of the most successful marketing tactics of 2018 has been that of content blogging. Your website is where your blog lives and it’s essential for it to be clear and available to your customers.

Having a blog not only drives traffic to your website but also creates a more personal connection with your users.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few pointers for your first blog post:

  • FAQ relating your business
  • Common terms associated with your niche
  • A meet and greet with your team
  • An office tour

Have your blog link clearly displayed on your website in addition to your most common links such as about, products, locations, etc.

How to Improve a Website

In this day and age, having both a functional and attractive company website is essential to any business.

If you’re wondering how to improve a website, you may find it’s not as complicated as you might think.

The good news is that maximizing the appeal of your website might not be as difficult and time-consuming as you’d think. Simple changes such as minimizing your copy, modernizing the design and the incorporating graphics such as video can help increase the appeal of your website.

Are you looking for more digital marketing tips? If so, be sure to check out our blog.