How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is on the rise as more and more people discover its money making potential. It is easy to get started, as almost anyone with a working computer and a functional Internet connection can set up a site and get directly to work.

So what is an affiliate marketing program and how do they work? The short answer is that websites that offer goods and services will pay a fee to their affiliated websites to post links to their site and drive extra traffic to them. The details of this agreement are decided based upon the amount of people that these affiliates can drive to the website, as well as the percentage of them who are motivated to make a purchase.

Any money that the affiliates are able to help the parent site make, they are entitled to a piece of. If a site does not sell any goods or services, they are still able to make money through the transactions of others. For those who do not have their own way to make money through e-commerce, affiliate marketing is a great way to become part of the action.

There are three different affiliate marketing formats to choose from. Cost per sale is when the parent website pays their affiliate marketer a fee whenever a customer that was directed to their site by the affiliate makes a purchase. Big name sites such as participate in this practice.

The cost per click format allows the affiliate marketing site to receive payment every time a browser clicks on the parent site, even if they do not make a purchase of any kind. Cost per lead pays the affiliates money for generating leads. Leads are when the customer fills out a form and provides information that can either be used by the website or sold to another business.

Affiliate marketing payment structures have two different variations. A two tier program allows the affiliate marketer to collect a slice of the profits when the parent site makes sales and recruits new clientele. Residual programs are favored by merchants who collect money from their customers on a monthly basis and they share a percentage of these earnings with their affiliates.

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