How Advertising Has Changed Over The Years

Technology has largely played a part where advertising is concerned and this is because of the many platforms made available. About ten years ago, people were resorting to traditional advertising and this involved print and media. With the rise of mobile devices such as Smartphones and laptops, anyone can access content from virtually anywhere in the world so long as there is internet connection. These days’ people advertise on the go unlike ten years ago where you actually had to put up an advert on the paper or media.

The internet world has revolutionized so much so that now many companies have taken to the internet to advertise their products and services. This is because the internet world is massive and never sleeps and has millions of visitors visiting every day. Traditional advertising only reaches a small portion of people while the internet world offers you millions of them from different continents! Social media has made it easy for advertising to be done and this is in regards to the various social platforms available. Years ago, there were no social media platforms where people would get to know about your products or services but thanks to technology, all that has been made possible.

Streaming content is also another advertising aspect that was not available years ago and this started with YouTube in 2005. All of a sudden, people were not waiting for the cable networks to determine what they should be watching since they could stream it from the internet!  Since technology advances with each passing day, you never know how advertising will be ten years to come!