Great Leads Through Quality Customer Data

Great Leads Through Quality Customer Data

With 41% of sales reps feeling like they don’t have enough information before they call on leads, we need to pay more attention to customer data.

Without proper customer understanding, you can use the information to generate more leads. And not just any leads — the good kind of lead — one that goes through the sales cycle without a lot of resistance.

Continue reading this article to learn more about using customer data to get the best leads for your business.

Gathering Reliable Customer Data

You can’t just decide that something is true or assume things about your customers. There are ways to gather reliable customer data. The data that you gather should tell a story about your customer so you get to know them better.

You can anonymously track users that come to your website and replay sessions to see these people interact with your site. You can also ask customers for feedback to see how they feel about your website, products, and company.

See who your loyal customers are and how they interact with your brand. What trends do you notice?

If you don’t have enough visitors coming to your website to get a good story about your customers, you may need to get information from a third party.

When you are collecting data, make it easy for your customers to share it with you. If you’re sending them a 10 question survey, they likely won’t make it to the end. Instead, try asking them a yes or no question.

The more you know about who your ideal client is, what they like and want, the easier it will be to convert them into a buyer.

Getting Inside Your Customer’s Mind

For the best results, you need to get inside your customer’s mind. You need to know why they buy and why they don’t buy.

You should be creating buyer personas with this information. You’ll likely see one or two prominent buy personas that just love what you have to offer.

The more information you have that you can put into your buyer personas, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be. You’ll be able to craft a message that speaks directly to the people that you want to buy.

You’ll be able to talk to their pain points and showcase how your product or service is the solution.

Everyone knows the demographics of their buyers but there’s more you need to take into account if you want to be highly effective.

The data that you collect should be used to create in-depth buyer personas that allow you to see into the mind of your leads.

If you don’t have the correct information for your customers, you’ll soon find yourself frustrated from lack of results. Someone else will also be frustrated — the people you’re trying to sell to that are not interested.

Segment Your Audience Carefully

Once you’ve gathered data and have a few great buyer personas that you’re sure are going to be home runs, you can’t market to them both the same way.

While both of these buyer personas might be high-quality, they aren’t going to need or want the same things. You need to carefully segment these leads so you can send the appropriate marketing message to them.

You wouldn’t send the same message to a low-level manager without authority to make a decision as you would to the decision maker that is holding the checkbook.

Besides for different buyer personas, you might also choose to segment your audience over other things. You might segment your audience and only actively market to those people that you think have the greatest likelihood to take action after seeing your marketing.

If you don’t have customer data, there is no way to segment your list and move on to the next step.

Building Strong Relationships

When you build strong relationships with your customers, that is when they want to buy from you. Without a relationship, your business isn’t going anywhere.

You can send emails, do promotions and use every promotional trick in the book. If you don’t have their trust and you haven’t built a relationship, they aren’t going to pay attention to you.

Keep in mind that customer data should be used properly. Some companies use customer data to send spammy messages which turn out to be an annoyance.

Your company should use the information to be helpful and to add value. Without proper tools, it can be almost impossible to provide the best marketing experience possible. If you don’t have the right marketing tools, you may have a great deal of data but no clue what to do with it.

As you’re building relationships, keep in mind that your solution might not always be the best solution for everyone. If there is an unqualified lead in your sales cycle, feel free to remove them so you don’t waste their time or your time.

Continue to teach your team to use customer data to make better connections with leads. Better connections through building strong relationships is the key to a higher conversion rate and more sales.

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