Content Marketing is a Must

Why Content Marketing Is A Must For Small Businesses

Marketing your small business can be rather daunting. Where do you start? What works and what doesn’t? These questions can leave you feeling very confused and overwhelmed. This is where content marketing comes into place.

Essentially, content marketing is when you create content for your audience that is relevant to your business and that will help to either push a lead or a purchase. This content that is created must always relate to your business or to your niche.

Content marketing is a must for small businesses because:

  • Majority of the consumers feel better about a company delivering custom content. This is because when you deliver custom content to your customers, you will build stronger relationships and therefore increase referrals.
  • Consumers prefer to learn about your company through articles and not advertisements.
  • Most consumers find custom content very useful because when the content is good, it will help your customers instead of selling to them. The principle is therefore to help your audience now and sell to them later.
  • Consumers believe that businesses that provide custom content want to build good relationships.
  • Consumers usually spend time reading content that is from a brand they are interested in. Therefore good content marketing should be that which is worth reading.
  •  Interesting content is among the top reasons that people follow brands on social media. Good content will be great and consistent. If you are looking for help, MOJO Media can do it for you by creating great killer content for your business and then automating it through social media and email.
  • Content marketing will help you to build a reputation as a reliable business because regardless of your business, your initial contact with a potential customer will not be face to face. Most of the initial contact will be through content.
  •  Consumers are more likely to buy from a business that delivers custom content because they feel better and trust that business. This is because they feel they have a foundation that they can build their trust on.
  • Consistent and high-quality content that is published to your website and blog can increase your rankings in Google, and as a result there will be traffic to your site resulting in leads for your business.
  •  You can enable the sharing of your content by people through adding social media share buttons on your site. When people like your content, they will share it and this could mean more traffic.


To get started on your content marketing strategy, you need to define your audience because this will help you define the goals of your content creation.

The other factor you need is to define your goals and this should be entirely up to you, but your goal should take into consideration your audience and also it should be based around your business.

Another factor is to research your competition so that you know what your competitors are doing.