Co-Registration Marketing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Co-Registration Marketing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Do you want your business to have access to thousands of email and phone leads for a low price? Co-registration marketing can rake in revenue without having to build your own lists!

In a perfect world, every company would have a limitless list of high-quality email leads. But it isn’t a perfect world, so co-registration leads are a valuable option to consider.

It is important to build your own marketing lists through websites and campaigns. But this can be a slow and expensive process to build up a large high-quality subscriber list. Email lists also decay every year due to attrition.

Why go through that trouble when you can advertise through another industry leader?

MarketingProfs says that co-reg advertising is effective but underutilized. Whenever there is an underrated marketing tactic, chances are it is also under-priced. And that is where the opportunity lies.

So what is co-registration all about and how can it help your business? Read on to learn more about co-reg basics and strategy.

Co-Registration Marketing Basics

Chron Small Business defines co-registration marketing as one company marketing through another. A business uses another company’s email subscriber or phone list instead of its own.

The purpose of this arrangement is to gain new customers. It is an inexpensive way to generate valuable leads that pay big dividends.

Building email subscriber lists and telephone lists can take months or years.  It also requires a strong web presence and knowledge of digital marketing. Not all businesses have the qualifications or resources to do this on their own.

It also allows your business to focus on a very specific target demographic. An ideal co-reg campaign would be all qualified leads for your product or service. Don’t pay for the contact information of people who have no interest in buying.

Co-registration marketing companies building the list needs to include an opt-in. This opt-in allows subscribers to receive promotional content from third parties and partners.

Co-registration can also take the form of call lists. These call lists get used by your business for telemarketing or SMS marketing. The more phone numbers you have available, the more potential sales your company can make.

Start by researching companies in your niche that would have similar potential customers. Reach out to them and find out if they offer co-reg advertising services. If you reach out to a dozen of these companies, at least one or two of them would be open to an arrangement.

Industry Uses

Many specific industries and roles can get help from co-registration marketing. Here are some of the top niches:

  • Call Centers
  • Sales Reps
  • Digital Products
  • Software
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • E-commerce

The industries that can benefit the most are those that are able to scale up. Niches where volume is imperative benefit most from co-registration leads.

That’s not to say that higher end items can’t use co-reg marketing. Companies selling big-ticket items with high margins benefit as well. Even a few conversions from co-reg calls and emails could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Specify Arrangement

Many factors need outlining before agreeing to a co-reg marketing arrangement. Like any other business deal, agree on the exact terms before it begins to protect both parties.

First of all, find out where their leads came from. How did they qualify those leads? What methods did they use to determine that the email addresses and phone numbers were valid?

Determine who owns the phone numbers and email addresses. Who else is using the email list or phone list?

Find out if other companies have gotten good results. Also, find out if direct competitors have access to the list.

Finally, determine a price that is fair for both parties. Offer a lower amount if possible to hedge your bet. You can use the money saved on the low-ball offer to use on other marketing campaigns.

Email marketing return on investment (ROI) is strong but it can vary between lists.

Close the Deal

With these affordable high-quality leads coming in, there’s only one more thing to do: close the deal!

To actually generate revenue from these leads you must be able to reach out to them fast and with purpose. Have email templates and copy ready to go. Also be ready with telephone sales scripts if applicable.

High-quality leads are part of the equation. You have to be able to make the sale and close on it. All the leads in the world do not matter if you cannot seal the deal.

When it comes to closing the deal, the movie Glengary Glen Ross comes to mind. Alec Baldwin played a sales trainer and he had two unforgettable lines:

  1. The leads aren’t weak, you’re weak!
  2. Coffee is for closers!

Check Analytics and Make Adjustments

As with any digital marketing strategy, you should always be monitoring the analytics.

Your ROI should be high. If so, determine how you can scale up your co-registration marketing efforts. Be cautious but assertive to keep the momentum going. ROI can change over time but you should push forward if it is going well.

If your ROI is not ideal, consider the areas of the campaign that could be lacking:

  • The copy in your emails
  • The sales scripts from your phone calls
  • The co-registration company you are working with
  • The landing page that leads visit
  • The email marketing Saas software used (HubSpot, Mailchimp, etc)
  • The value proposition of your own products or services

You need to be honest with yourself when determining areas for improvement. If it isn’t working well, it could be due to your own product or service.

Reduce Risks

Do your co-registration marketing through experienced companies and marketers.

Clickz recommends that before you pay for an email list that you should send to it first. That way you know what to expect and do not get ripped off. Try before you buy!

Make sure to do your homework when it comes to choosing which companies to work with. Today we live in a world of GDPR and data privacy laws. You need to make sure that you’re working with businesses that built their email lists right.

The same applies for phone number lists acquired by co-reg methods.  You don’t want to risk facing a penalty or liability.

Go With the Pros

When it comes to co-registration marketing, leave it to the experts. Mojo Media has professionals with over 10 years of experience. We specialize in telemarketing and digital marketing services.

Take a look at our helpful digital services to take your marketing to the next level. Go with the pros to avoid co-registration frustration!