Accurate location info is now very important in Google search results

Accurate location info is now very important in Google search results


If your potential customers are locally based, the importance of concentrating on local optimization of your site and local directory listings have never been more important.

Google uses your location info to help determine whether your business will show up in its local pack, which are the search results based on the location of the person using the device, or the area they are searching in.

Today, showing up in the local results is more important and maybe more challenging than ever. Last summer the search engine behemoth made a lot of changes to how the local businesses are displayed, which included showing only three results instead of seven, as well as removing the address and phone number with many local search results. So with the reduction from seven to three, many companies will need to increase their local Adwords spend in order to retain their current traffic. On the flip side, some of the changes could be beneficial, customers looking for phone numbers will have to look harder, and this may increase the click-through to your business site in some cases.

Like any business, you want potential customers who are searching online to find you quickly and easily. If people are using Google to find you, then it’s important to make sure your location information is complete and current. One of the big new changes is the “Directions” button on mobile that will automatically navigate you to the destination, so making sure you have the correct address listed is key. Fortunately, you can easily use the Google business listing platform to to take control of how your business listing appears online. This makes it possible to update key information about your location, such as changes in your operating hours, and it allows you to make sure that everything is consistent across multiple locations.

Business owners can—and should—control how their location information appears online. It’s all about making it easy for potential customers to find you.