8 Highly Creative Lead Generation Ideas

8 Highly Creative Lead Generation Ideas

Lead generation is definitely not what it used to be.

In a world where everything is connected and so many companies are fighting for consumers’ attention, you have to be a lot smarter about how you engage users if you want to be successful.

But, you don’t have to bend over backward to get the results you’re looking for. All you need are a few creative lead generation ideas to take your traffic and conversion rates to new heights.

Here are 8 of the most innovative ways your business can identify new leads.

1. Make Your Call to Action Super Clear

Maybe your issue is not that your efforts aren’t reaching users, but that you’re confusing them. It’s better to give your audience one clear, straightforward CTA than to overwhelm them with a bunch of options.

This makes it much easier for people to connect with what you’re trying to say and it makes the desired action feel a lot more natural to them, too. Plus, it creates more focus on your end when you have one CTA. It works out a lot better than when you try to have different users do a variety of things at once.

2. Create Awesome Freebies

Here’s a simple CTA for people to follow: telling them to download a freebie you’ve created just for them or to score free merch before it’s gone. Take some time to create informative how-to lists or innovative spreadsheets. Maybe share a 5-day challenge with users or give them a chance to get a new product of yours for free.

Whatever freebie you come up with needs to be in-line with the industry you’re in and the kind of services you offer. This way, you can use it to introduce people to who you are and the kind of knowledge you’re ready to share with them.

The most important part of how freebies work for lead generation, though, is the opt-in. Have users give their email before they can access the download or share it with you when putting in their delivery information. This gives you a way of reaching out to them again when your sales team sees your new set of leads.

3. Enroll Users in an Email Course

Speaking of having users share their email with you, why not turn the informative downloads you’re creating into an email course? This does require a bit more time on your end, but it can have amazing results.

An email course is your chance to really connect with users. It turns hesitant buyers into loyal consumers, and it does for your brand awareness, too.

4. Make Informative Help Videos

Sharing information with users sets you apart as an authority. It goes hand in hand with lead generation because it makes potential users stop and pay attention to what you have to say.

As such, another great way to share your industry knowledge is to create help videos. Create a video centered around a new shift in your industry that everyone has questions about.

You can also use this time to deep-dive into a more complex question or to go over basic things – like what you can do as a marketing company or how local homeowners can tell if they need your roofing services.

5. Share Some of Your Success Secrets

The thing about help videos is that they can come off a little like a sales pitch if you don’t do them right. Users may get the feeling you’re focusing the videos specifically on how your services can solve their problems, which is a bit pushy.

What if you took a different approach to get the same result, though?

Create videos to talk about the tools and methods you’re using to be successful. You can talk about services you’ve decided to outsource or research that your company has been doing regarding your industry at-large.

This makes people pay attention. It feels like you genuinely want to help them succeed and solve problems, which helps create trust when you go to make your sale with new leads later on.

6. Ask Questions

As smart as it can be to create videos that talk to users, it’s also good to ask for their insights from time to time. One way that a lot of companies are improving their lead generation is to give users a simple quiz.

Quizzes can cover industry topics or ask more specific questions about what your company can do better. They can be geared to do market research or more friendly and laid back.

Either way, they’re a great way to get people’s attention – and their contact information!

7. Encourage User-Generated Content

If you really want to get a conversation going with new potential customers, focus on the people who are already aware of your business. Get them to write more reviews about you and to share your company through their online channels, too.

The more that current customers are talking about your business, the more other people will start to pay attention. The reason behind this is two-fold; it’s smart marketing and it’s psychological.

From a digital marketing perspective, when more people are talking about you online, they’re creating more user-generated content. Google picks up on this and it boosts your search rankings when the content people write is positive and informative. Not to mention, user content gives you a chance to create even more content when you respond to reviews or recycle what’s been shared.

From a psychological point of view, you’re creating a buzz. The more that potential customers start hearing your name and seeing your brand pop up on their screens, they become increasingly curious and more likely to opt-in.

8. Put a Welcome Video on Your Homepage

The thing about using user-generated content as a lead generation strategy is that it can help bring people to your website, but you still have to create conversions from there. Putting a welcome video on your homepage helps.

No matter how people find you, seeing the faces behind the business and learning a little bit about your company story is a great way to start building a relationship with them. This hooks visitors from the second they land on your site, and it can make the rest of the buying journey a lot easier for you to guide them through.

Turn the Best Lead Generation Ideas into Results

You can read about creative lead generation ideas as much as you want, but it’s only when you start working on them yourself that you’ll get the results you’re looking for. Luckily, you don’t have to figure out lead generation on your own.

We’re here to help.

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