5 Tips on becoming a successful salesperson

5 tips on becoming a successful salesperson

Salespeople don’t have it easy, but you can make it yourself easier with these 5 tips. You will be able to score more sales and deals.

1. Write down your prospect — always write down the conversations with your prospects somewhere on paper. It happens quite often that a prospect forgets where you talked about with him or her. Sometimes they really forgot it but sometimes it’s a test too, to see how serious you are and if they are important enough to keep reminding the conversations. When you can go down the list and say “hello mr./miss prospect, that’s not what we talked about, we talked about XYZ” the client will be impressed with your abilities and will trust you.

2. Prepare — Always prepare before you go meet a client or make the call. Nothing is worse than a salesperson that doesn’t know his product or service or doesn’t know the prospect and his/her business at all. You need to prepare and know what your client does and what service will suit them the best. This way your client knows you took time to actually get to know them and know what they do.

3. Be persistent — Don’t become negative after a few “no’s”. Keep on grinding, keep on going and the prospect will respect you for it as well. They are used to be called 1 or 2 times by the same company with a “sales pitch”. But if you have written down your prospect and his business, prepared for the call and followup 5-12 times, then you will have 80% more chance of getting the sale!

4. Close the deal — Don’t forget to close the deal! A lot of salespeople go in, do the sales pitch and then say something like “well it was nice to meet you, see you next time”. WRONG. You should ask for the sale in the heat of the moment. “Sir, after our through conversation and your current needs and our equal agreement that you need help and you said you think our product is of huge value for your company. There’s nothing holding you back now, right?” is something that’s more suiting.

5. Overdeliver — Once you have closed the deal, always overdeliver! Once you overdeliver you have a client for life. If you impress the client past their normal expectations and give them a “wow” expect, you’re in! You can expect a whole lot of extra business for that client.

As you see, selling is not just about selling a product. It’s about selling an idea, followup and never lose sight of delivering the best quality in the market. With these 5 tips you will be able to see instant results and start expanding immediately.