5 Cardinal Sins for a Small Business

5 Cardinal Sins That Kill Small Businesses

Things have changed a lot for the “mom and pop” businesses over the years…

It used to be that all you needed for a recipe for success was a quality product or service and that personal touch customers come to expect from a small business.

Those days are long gone…

If “mom and pops” want to survive in the 21st Century – there’s a lot more that goes into the money pot than just cool stuff and a friendly smile.

No, to thrive in the computer age – small businesses have to have a thorough knowledge of computers, the internet and, most importantly, social media.

Nothing keeps you in contact with your customer base like social media…

It gives you access to a broader range of consumer as well as allows for the type of interaction and feedback that can help increase customer retention as well as increase revenues.


Social media can be a slippery slope.

One misstep can mean the difference between expanding your reach and putting up a “going out of business” sale sign. Even established businesses need to be social media friendly as the traditional ways of bringing in new business have all but gone the way of the Dodo.  So now we have an influx of small business owners trying to find their way in today’s digital world – many of them who barely understand what a smartphone does, let alone what Twitter or Facebook actually is. With so many landmines to avoid, it’s hard for people who barely grasp the concept of a “tweet” or “post” to know where they’re going wrong.

That’s why we came up with the following list of 5 things every business, big or small, should avoid doing on social media.


1 – Leave Politics Alone!

There are few things as polarizing as politics. Chances are you have customers on both sides of the aisle – so showing a bias to one side or another could hurt your chances of making a sale. Even when directly asked – it’s best to avoid the subject altogether. Don’t engage in discussion and try to discourage political talk on your pages. Doing so could ensure that you keep you in the black!

2 – Religion – Don’t Touch It!

Everything we just told you about politics goes DOUBLE for religion. If you think politics is a powder keg – religion is a neutron bomb. Nothing will turn customers away like a religious debate. Avoid it like the plague. Touching on nerves, hurting feelings, or igniting a high level of anger as well as passion do not make for a peaceful workplace.

3 – Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

We all have all have lives – and with those personal lives come personal problems. Those problems do not belong in the work place. As a business owner – that can be hard – especially if you work with family, but try your hardest to separate the two and never post personal problems on social media. As they say in the Marines, “Save the drama for your mama”… we can only assume they meant at home.

4 – Opinions – Everybody Has Them, Except Business Owners

This is often one of the hardest things to do, but every business owner should censor their opinions heavily on almost every topic. While we recommend avoiding politics and religion altogether – you should also tone down your personal feelings on sports, food, cars… whatever! It’s ok to have your opinions and even ok to voice them – just avoid those solid stance topics that could alienate a customer.

5 – Don’t Attack Your Competitors

Pettiness is never a good look on anyone – and attacking competitors not only makes you look petty – it makes you look unconfident in your product. If you’re confident in your goods – the actions of your competitors shouldn’t matter. If attacked on social media – turn the other cheek. All war, even a Twitter war, is ugly.

Will avoiding these things ensure your success?


But it will go a long way in ensuring you don’t fall into some of the biggest traps on the internet.

Social media can be the biggest boom to your business…

So make sure you don’t let it be an anchor that drags you down.