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MOJO Media has developed a Digital Strategy that gives clients the confidence that data and marketing professionals are promoting and protecting their brand when talking to prospects. Our full time account managers have years of experience in discussing a broad range of sophisticated products and services with key decision makers in your chosen target market. We qualify our clients’ leads so that your sales force is meeting with people that want to do business. MOJO Media is the ideal outsourced solution that allows you to receive an ongoing flow of sales opportunities leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

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Jordan Karlick

Results-driven sales leader and media executive with 10+ years of experience helping advertisers, direct marketers, and call centers effectively implement both on-line and off-line media marketing campaigns. Using strategies such as affiliate marketing, display advertising, email marketing, customized co-reg programs, direct mail, telemarketing, list management and data science, Jordan helps his clients to achieve their marketing goals.

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Mike Moranz

Accountable team-minded leader and strategic planning director with 10+ years of industry experience and business consulting including, B2C, B2B, sales process solutions, customer relationship management applications, and online media. Mike’s enthusiasm, work ethic and integrity enables him to be successful in generating revenue for clients.

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