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Who is Mojo Media

MOJO Media has developed a model that gives clients the confidence that data and marketing professionals are promoting and protecting their brand when talking to prospects. Our full time account managers have years of experience in discussing a broad range of sophisticated products and services with key decision makers in your chosen target market. We qualify our clients’ leads so that your sales force is meeting with people that want to do business. MOJO Media is the ideal outsourced solution that allows you to receive an ongoing flow of sales opportunities leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

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Who is Mojo Media

Business Tip of the Day

  • It takes just a few hours every week to keep your Facebook page full of fresh content. Learn how to market your small business without wasting your time.

     According to the Pew Research Center, 68% of all U.S. adults use Facebook. In other words, your customers use this social media platform, so if you want to engage them online, your business should, too.

    But posting on Facebook one to three times a day might sound overwhelming. If you don’t have much time to log on and tinker with content throughout the day, here are three tips to help streamline your Facebook time investment while maximizing results:

    1. Create content in batches. Make your social media process more efficient by setting aside time to create content in batches. “Write out the top 10 frequently asked questions from your customers. Make that into a blog post. Then, create 10 short videos with each point or tip, as well as 10 image quotes.”
    2. Consider hiring a part-time social media pro. If you can afford part-time help, it might be worth it. “Hiring a good social media assistant for even a few hours a week can make all the difference, for example, you can provide your assistant with photos and video clips that you have on your phone anyway and they could use them to create many wonderful videos.”
    3. Take advantage of scheduling tools. Small business owners should take advantage of a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer, PostPlanner or Edgar. That way, you can schedule your posts in advance, instead of stopping in the middle of the day to update Facebook. Facebook also allows you to directly pre-schedule posts.
  • Make Sure Customers Find You on Google

    Old-fashioned signboards won’t draw much traffic these days. Follow these 3 tips so customers find the digital version: online business listings.

    The practice of hanging out one’s shingle dates back to a time when doctors, lawyers and other business professionals actually used shingles as signboards. These signboards, which they hung outside their place of business, told people what they did in a simple, straightforward manner.

    The modern version of the signboard is an online business listing, which can include everything from a Google local business listing to a listing in your local chamber of commerce directory. “You have to put the sign out or no one will know about you,” said Harlan Beverly, lecturer at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. “Today, that sign, or shingle, just happens to be on Google or Facebook, for instance.”

    Getting the word out about your business is more important than ever—especially when it comes to local search. Beverly offers these tips to make it easy for people to find you:

    • Use powerful graphics and images. When establishing your business listing on Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook, for instance, be sure to add engaging graphics and images. From professional Facebook graphics to business listings that feature pictures of your location and staff, high-quality content will impress potential customers.
    • Include contact information on your website. Your address, phone number and hours of operation should be readily accessible. “Businesses often try to be too artsy and pretty, and then people can’t find what they’re looking for,” Beverly said. “Don’t put important contact information in the graphics because it won’t match up in the SEO.”
    • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. A website that is not mobile responsive is the biggest sign of poor quality, according to Beverly. Since more than 50% of all searches take place on a mobile device, you site should be mobile optimized to ensure the best experience possible.
  • How to Get Great Customers Reviews in Only A Few Minutes A Day

    Don’t have time to get more online reviews for your small business? Here are three easy ways to ask customers for their feedback.

    Is asking your customers to leave online reviews of your business at the bottom of your priority list? If so, you’re missing an opportunity to spread the word about your business (for free, no less). You just have to invest some time. How much time? Probably not as much as you think.

    In fact, you need to add no more than a few seconds to your regular interactions with customers. Here are a few tips to help invite positive reviews in an easy yet ethical way:

    1. Comment Cards
      Have customer feedback cards printed that give customers very simple instructions on how they can give you a review online. Include a link to your business profile on your preferred site (such as Facebook page or Google Business profile). You can hand out the card at the end of a project, in a shopping bag or on a box top, or simply place them at the cash wrap.
    2. Face to Face
      There’s nothing wrong with politely asking your loyal customers for an honest review. They’re not required to leave a positive review (or any review at all) but a direct, in-person request is often happily obliged with a positive post.
    3. Email & Social Media
      You can also include a quick, friendly review request in any automated or marketing emails you send to customers (such as an e-newsletter or after a transaction) or in social media posts. Just remember: Reviews should never be faux or forced. If you provide great products and service, excellent reviews will almost certainly follow.

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